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About School

School of Multimedia, Publishing and Design is a foundation level training school with a long standing reputation for inviting raw creative talent and developing it into leading design skills. The areas of training are digital art, graphics design, publishing and web development technologies. The students undergo training for latest software including computer graphics, digital art, digital design and web development technologies. During training students learn and produce a substantial design and website portfolios for entry level employment in the graphics design, publishing and web industry. Many students opt for the best degree level design programs in reputed foreign universities.

The web, graphic design, advertisement and publishing industries have always held our students in high regard. The reputed companies in this field hand-pick our desirous and deserving student’s for internships year on year.

Our training programs and methodologies develop a solid foundation along with ability to self-learn. The self-learning ability is very essential when learning new skills long after you have received your certification. Web design is a very dynamic field and the learning process will continue as long as you are active in the profession.

Industry alignment is one thing that’s always been at the heart of our philosophy. It’s why all our courses have been developed and reviewed by industry professionals. The experienced professionals from industry support the trainers with mentoring and grading student work.

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Learn Graphics Designing
Learn Graphics Designing
Learn Graphics Designig
Learn Graphics Designig
Learn Graphics Designing
Learn Graphics Designing
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